Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Faith, My Belief, My Testimony

I have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't need to justify my beliefs. No one can take my testimony from me.

I don't need to justify church policies. Modesty guidelines, the word of wisdom, the teachings of church leaders. I believe these come from God. My obedience is the way I show my faith and love. I give Him my will, and all glory.

If I believe in a doctrine, and the Spirit of God has witnessed to me that it is true, it is. Church policy won't change the truth. The gospel of Christ is separate from policy that assists men in their mortal weakness. If ever something seems to change, it's because the Church of Jesus must adjust its temporal policy to make up for the frailties of men. It will work in whatever way we need to bring us closer to Christ and into the Church of the Firstborn. The essential church of the gospel, the eternal Church of the Firstborn, never changes. It is eternal. Here, all doctrine is practiced correctly and fully. This is where I am going.

I don't want to get caught up in the policy, in the culture. It distracts from the big picture, from the gospel, from the essential truths of eternity. Now in my life is the time to find out where I am going. The gospel directs me. I follow church policy out of obedience and a desire to do God's will. But where my faith is placed is a much stronger rock. It is the rock of the gospel, the atonement, the gift of Christ, of eternity.

* * * * *

I have made baptismal covenants. These ask of me to obey God and repent of my sins. I have faith in that covenant and the blessings God has promised me. This faith does not need proof, and sways to no disproof. It is the reason I don't ever need to doubt.

In the past, I have enjoyed hearing scientific explanations for Bible stories. Now I realize I don't need them. Yes, they are interesting, but nothing more. Miracles and the power of God don't need to be justified by science, and many times can't be. That's part of why they are miracles.

LDS Hymn 137

The witness of the Holy Ghost,
As borne by those who know,
Has lifted me again to thee,
O Father of my soul.

I know that thou art in thy heav'n.
I know the Savior reigns.
I know a prophet speaks to us
For our eternal gain.

My eyes are wet; my heart is full.
The Spirit speaks today.
O Lord, wilt thou my life renew
And in my bosom stay.

As testimony fills my heart,
It dulls the pain of days.
For one brief moment, heaven's view
Appears before my gaze.
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